About Kaitlyn’s Law

About Kaitlyn’s Law

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‘Kaitlyn Russell’ was a six month old infant who died after she was left alone in a parked car for over two hours. Her unfortunate death is the force behind “Kaitlyn’s Law”, which makes it illegal for a child 6 years of age or younger to be left unsupervised by anyone who is not at least 12 years of age or older, in a vehicle. This is considered child endangerment, especially in broad daylight when the sun is out, as the temperature inside the car gets hot very quickly. As a basic consequence, violators can be fined $100. At the greatest consequence, a life like ‘Kaitlyn’s’ could be lost and the parent could be charged severely.

Parents can get their errands done faster without having to bring their young child inside the store with them. However, the risk is too great to leave any unattended child in a car by themselves.

Some parents do get arrested for neglecting their children in this way. If it happens to you or any other parent you may know, Greenfield Bail Bonds Store can help you or them bail out of jail. We hope you are never in this type of situation, but if you do find yourself in this type of dilemma, you definitely should reach out to Greenfield Bail Bonds Store immediately!

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