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Can you Sleep in Your Car in California?

The increasingly rising cost of renting an apartment in California has created an unusual trend.
Instead of spending more than half their paycheck on rent each month, some people have taken
to living in their cars. This is particularly common in the summer when the weather is warm
enough to make life without a heater pleasant.

The increasing number of people who are sleeping in their cars has prompted many cities to start
enforcing laws. Some California cities have laws that specifically address the issue of sleeping in
your car.

In San Francisco, you’re not allowed to sleep in your car overnight. If you’re caught sleeping in
your car, you could be fined up to $1,000. Despite the steep fine, many people continue to live
out of their cars in the city. They can skirt the law by parking in a different location each night,
making sure they aren’t parked in a place that’s going to attract attention and prompt people to
call the police, and they don’t announce that they’re living in their car.

Los Angeles has a law that prohibits people from dwelling in their cars. When you read through
the law, you’ll see that it specifically mentions living in your car between the hours of 9 pm and
6 am when your car is parked in a residential neighborhood or when it’s within 500 feet of a
school, park, or government building.

If you’re interested in saving money by living in your car, there are a few things you should

First, safety is important. Don’t advertise that you’re living in your car. Always park in areas
with a low crime rate. Keep your doors locked. Be prepared to defend yourself if you hear
someone trying to break into your vehicle.

Before moving into your car, set up a PO box so that you have a place for your mail. You should
also consider joining a gym since that will provide you with shower facilities.
Since there is always a chance you could be caught living in your car and fined, make sure you
set aside enough money to cover the fine and still have enough money left to live on.
Have you ever spent time living in your car? If so what are your tips and suggestions for making
it a successful living situation?