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How to Choose a Dog Sitter

As much as we would like to, there are times when we simply can’t take our dogs with us when we go somewhere. Reasons for not bringing your pet along with you include, you’re didn’t get pet-friendly lodging, you’re on a trip that simply isn’t conducive to having your dog along, you’re going to be around people who are allergic to dogs, the amount of traveling you’re doing would be too much for your dog.

Since you aren’t able to bring your dog with you, you’ll have to find a pet sitter. 

Do not wait until the last minute to find a dog sitter. Start looking as soon as possible. The sooner you start looking for a good pet sitter, the better the odds become that you’ll find one that both you and your dog like.

When you initially start talking to pet sitters, make sure you consider your dog’s needs. Do they require a quiet setting? Are they child-friendly? How do they get along with other dogs? Can they be in an environment with cats and other household pets? Do they require a great deal of exercise? Do they need medications at a specific time of the day?

Knowing exactly what your dog requires in order to remain healthy and happy while you’re away goes a long way towards narrowing down your list of potential dog sitters. For example, if your dog has to be medicated every 12 hours, you have to choose a pet sitter who can work with the schedule. If your dog doesn’t like cats, you’ll need a pet sitter who doesn’t have cats in the house.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential dog sitters, you’ll want to visit each one and check out the kind of place your dog will be living in. In addition to making sure it is safe, you should also make sure it matches your dog’s personality. Use this as an opportunity to check out the pet sitter’s pets and their current clients. Each should happy and safe.

While you’re visiting the pet sitter’s home, use the opportunity to quiz them about the type of training they have had, how they handle pets, and what they will do to keep your dog happy and safe. 

At some point in the process, check with the pet sitter’s references and make sure they really are a reputable pet sitter with the skills needed to care for your dog as well as you do.

While you’re away, frequently check in with your pet sitter and make sure that everything is going well.