It Is the 21st Century and You Can Technically Still Be Arrested for This

It Is the 21st Century and You Can Technically Still Be Arrested for This

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What century are we in? That is certainly a question to ask, especially after you read about these odd, and yet quite entertaining, laws in California and America.

    In California

  • It is illegal to serve alcohol to a gay person. Considering California is one of the more progressive and democratic states, it is time for this law to be wiped away!
  • You must have a hunting license in order to set up a mousetrap.
  • Eating oranges in a bathtub is a no-no.
  • It is illegal to wiggle while dancing, but to us, wiggling is dancing!
  • You cannot stop a child from joyfully jumping over puddles of water. Now this is a law we like! Long live your youth!
  • Blythe: only when you own two cows may you wear cowboy boots. Perhaps this is to control the number of cows, and thus the smell they would bring to the city.
  • Los Angeles: a man must have a license before he serenades a woman. Romancing is not easy!
  • Walnut: you can be arrested for leaving sand in your own driveway. So much for a DIY beachfront home.
  • In other parts of America

  • Alaskans cannot take the childhood rhyme and game “step on a crack, break your mother’s back” seriously, because intentionally avoiding walking on pavement cracks is illegal.
  • In Little Rock, Arkansas, you are only allowed to eat cheese on Friday if you have a beer. Mostly, we are upset for the children who enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and pizza.
  • It is illegal to shower naked in Florida. Um… what?
  • In Indiana, residents are forbidden from eating their own severed body parts on Fridays. We do not even want to know what prompted this one to become a law in the first place.
  • On Sundays, all church-going men in Massachusetts must bring a rifle with them.
  • Wisconsin women may not have their hair cut. This must be where Rapunzel is from!

We can go on and on with these weird laws in both California and America. We are sure a majority of them were originally put in place for a more serious reason that people today cannot seem to think about. Now, most of these are irrelevant and not enforced.

That does not mean you still cannot get in trouble for disobeying any of them. No, you can still technically be arrested for committing these silly crimes today. If you are, gosh, we will not know what to think, except that Merced County Bail Bonds Store will certainly help you bail out of jail.

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