Keep Calm And Don’t Get Yourself Arrested Too

Keep Calm And Don’t Get Yourself Arrested Too

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If you’re in a situation where the police happen to be arresting your friend, at that particular moment, do not give the police any reason to arrest you as well. We understand that you are angered by the situation and you want to help your friend out. We understand that you’re probably going to get into a verbal altercation with the cops. However, always be careful as to not get yourself hand-cuffed as well. Don’t let your frustration of the escalated situation become too much for you.

Here’s what you should do; and how you can help your friend in this situation:

  • Calm down and cooperate.
  • Speak with one of the officers and find out why your friend is being arrested and where they are taking him or her.
  • Get the officer’s name, badge number, and vehicle number.
  • Record the time and where this event is happening.
  • Get statements and contact information from any available witnesses and bystanders.
  • Remind your friend not to answer any more questions from the officers until the lawyer is present. If you can, help your friend get a private lawyer.
  • Keep your hands in plain view where the officers can see them.

Remember, the last thing you want to do is to get yourself arrested. Your friend needs you! They don’t need for you to be arrested as well. They need you to be on the other side helping them get a lawyer, notifying family, and getting a bail bond. You can get an affordable bail bond and a very helpful professional bail bonds agent by contacting Monterey County Bail Bonds Store today! Monterey County Bail Bonds Store offers affordable, low monthly rate bail bonds for anyone in need of one in the state of California.

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