Learn How To Properly React When You Find Out That Your Loved One Is In Jail

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Coaching someone on how to react the right way when they find out their loved one has been arrested and put into jail is almost impossible. First of all, no one anticipates such a call or has time to prepare themselves on how to react when they get the call. Secondly, it is such a heavy situation that all kinds of emotions will run high and low. Every person has a different personality and demeanor. Each defendant’s arrest situation will be different. Here are some tips we would like to provide our clients that might help guide you on how you react when you pick your loved one up from jail after bailing him or her out.

  • Express relief and be sure to show your love and support. More than likely, your loved one will already feel embarrassed, ashamed, and absolutely disgusted with him or herself and the overall situation. They will need your support.
  • Release verbal anger only when you are in private location. Avoid lashing out at your loved one in front of people. That is not going to do anyone any good and there is no point in making him or her feel more embarrassed and ashamed than he or she already is. Plus, it makes other people feel awkward and uncomfortable.
  • Offer your advice on how to best move forward and prepare for the next few days and weeks. Suggest therapy or counseling. If he or she is responding well to your advice, offer to do some research and help him or her get in touch with one.
  • Spend more time with your loved one. This is a big way to show your love and support, but it also lets you keep a closer eye on him or her and see that he or she does not get into more trouble. You can also look out for signs if he or she is still feeling bad about the situation.
  • Remind your loved one that this was just a one-time mistake, and that it is not a true reflection of the type of person that he or she really is. The type of person that he or she really is, is a good, honest person. This arrest is not the end of his or her life.

There is no predicting what exactly will happen from the moment you bail your loved one out of jail, but we do hope things run as smoothly and progressively as possible. If, and when, you need bail bond help, call up Eagle Rock Statewide Bail Bonds at 877-793-2245 or chat with a professional online. Speak with one of our bail agents and ask them about cheap bail bonds we offer. Consultation is FREE, so there’s is nothing to lose. Remember, Eagle Rock Statewide Bail Bonds is here to help you, help your loved one during this difficult time.

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