Pros And Cons To Being A Bail Bond Cosigner

Pros And Cons To Being A Bail Bond Cosigner

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A bail bond cosigner plays a very crucial role in the bail bond process. Potential cosigners should educate themselves of their responsibilities and potential consequences before physically signing on.

Responsibilities of the cosigner:

  • Seeing that the defendant goes to court whenever he or she is asked to
  • Ensures the premium is paid on time

Consequences if the responsibilities are not met:

  • The defendant will be rearrested
  • The cosigner will have to pay the full bail amount and/ or relinquish any collateral that may have been put up for the bail bond

Being a bail bond cosigner certainly sounds risky but cosigners have rights to protect them too. They can request the defendant undergoes certain evaluations and tests (like drug tests, behavioral evaluations) before release. The cosigner may also have their name removed from the bail bond at any time if they feel they are in danger of not meeting responsibilities or if they feel the defendant is not trustworthy.

If you would like more information on being a bail bond cosigner, contact your Los Angeles Bail Bonds Store Store agent at 877-793-2245.

You are doing a wonderful thing by being a bail bond cosigner. We’ll help you make sure this goes smoothly for you and the person this bail bond is for.

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