Request A Tax Return – And Use It For Bail

Request A Tax Return – And Use It For Bail

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When filing taxes, you’re asked whether you want to apply excess taxes from the previous year towards this year’s dues. Another option is if you would prefer to receive a tax return check. The benefit of the former option is that you would not have to pay as much; if and when you owe money. But the benefit of the latter choice is that you essentially get money back. For some people, receiving a tax return check is crucial – they’ve got very important payments to make and any extra money that comes their way will be helpful.

An example of an important payment would be bail bond payments. Not only are these necessary payments, but they area also payments that you probably didn’t originally budget for, unlike rent and utility bills. Someone in your inner circle was arrested – or maybe it was you – and you’re suddenly responsible for making bail bond payments to keep your loved one or yourself out of jail until trial. The money that you possibly would receive from your tax refund will provide a little bit of relief.

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