That $8 Shot Is Going To End Up Costing You Thousands

That $8 Shot Is Going To End Up Costing You Thousands

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Consider this before you even start drinking tonight: that last $8 shot that you’re half hesitant on taking could end up costing you thousands. It could be the few ounces of alcohol that tips you past the legal BAC limit, which for California, is 0.08%. It could be the drink that causes you be pulled over and arrested, or even worse – get into a serious accident, and arrested. This is what is going to make your night turn from fun to a complete disaster.

    We have a few tips:

  1. Say “NO” to too much alcohol. By now you know your limits.
  2. Designate a sober driver in the group.
  3. Call a cab or ride share service to drive everyone. Or call a friend or family member who is sober at home to come get you.
  4. Do not let inebriated pals drive home.
  5. Drink water and make sure to feed your inebriated friends to help soak up some of that alcohol. This also causes you to spend more time in one place, meaning you can sober up a bit too.

The goal, obviously, is to avoid any major incidents and (knock on wood) accidents and (knock on wood again) casualties. Once you’re 100% sober and you’ve come to fully realize the damages you cause while drunk is a pain we hate to see, and we see it all too often for those we bail out of jail. We hope this does not happen to you too, but if it does you can rely on Toluca Lake Bail Bonds Store Store to bail you to of jail too. You have plenty of consequences to face and people to apologize to.

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