The Most Common Crimes in California

The Most Common Crimes in California

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There are all types of crimes in the criminal justice system and as you can probably imagine, it can get very complicated. In California (and across the map), these are the most common crimes that lead to arrests:

  • Assault & Battery: assault with a deadly weapon, battery on a peace officer
  • Domestic Violence: child abuse, violation of restraining order
  • Driving crimes: DUI, driving with a suspended license
  • Drug Crimes: possession, manufacturing
  • Fraud: identity theft, welfare fraud
  • Sex Crimes: rape, prostitution
  • Theft: embezzlement, burglary

The seriousness of a crime will range from a misdemeanor to an infraction to a felony, which will also determine the consequences a person will face. And of course, this will also determine how much bail will cost, though we can guarantee that no matter how big or small, no one wants to pay for the bail by themselves.

At that point, they need to hire a bail agent they can trust. For example, if they contact Los Angeles Bail Bonds Store Store, the company will assign a licensed agent to take the case. The agent and client will finalize an acceptable payment plan, which requires only 10% of the full bail amount. Once the paperwork is processed, the person can leave jail. He or she will need to obey the bail bond and release terms and conditions, such as making all court appearances. If all goes smoothly, no other issues regarding the bail bond will happen.

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