Understanding Bail Bonds 101

Understanding Bail Bonds 101

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If you’re someone who doesn’t know too much about bail bonds, but you find yourself needing to pay for one, don’t be ashamed to questions. Bail bonds are a serious matter and since it is your money and your freedom, you will want to know exactly what bail bonds are.

To summarize it simply:

Bail bonds are an optional way for newly arrested individuals to get bailed out of jail. A professional bail bondsman will assist and oversee the entire process, charging only 10-15% of the full bail price of the jailed person as a fee. The jailed person doesn’t necessarily need to be the one to pay the bail bond. Friends and family members may also help pay for the bail bond, which is set up on a low monthly rate payment plan. A part of the agreement to a bail bond is that the defendant will need to show up to court whenever he or she is asked. They will also be required to stay out of trouble during the time that they are out of jail. If he or she were to violate any of these terms of release, then the bail bond can be revoked, and the defendant will be returned to jail.

In the long run, those paying for a bail bond will lose money (10-15% of the full bail bond price) but in the short term view, this route of bailing out of jail is more affordable. The other option to paying for bail is going without a bail bond company, and needing to pay 100% of the bail bond price up front, however, that person would be refunded that money at the end of the case in question.

Bail bonds are a much better option for most defendants and their families. Find out how Atwater Bail Bonds Store can help you and your loved ones today!

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