What Are Bail Bonds For?

What Are Bail Bonds For?

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The purpose of a bail bond is to ensure a person’s release from jail and the pre-trial, but also to ensure that they will honor their commitment to appear in court before the judge. In order to receive a bail bond:

  1. First, the defendant must first be granted the opportunity to bail by a judge during the arraignment hearing.
  2. Secondly, the defendant, or someone on his or her behalf, must contact a bail bond company, and receive a consultation.
  3. Third, that person must decide if they are able to meet the company’s policies, or if they need to begin searching for another bail bond company.

The bail bond company, most likely, will ask for a 10-15% fee of the bail amount, which will be paid with the most affordable and ideal payment plan for the individual requesting, and based on the paying clients’ financial situation.

If and when the paperwork and agreements are finalized and signed by the client and the bail bond company, the holding jail will process it and release the defendant. The defendant will be required to meet all court appearances and any other release terms and conditions.

Not too difficult of a concept to understand how the bail bond process works. Marin County Bail Bonds Store will not let you or your family down!

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