What Happens To My Bond If I Miss My Court Date?

What Happens To My Bond If I Miss My Court Date?

Bail bonds are posted to ensure a persons appearance to court hearings. This bond ensures that the defendant remains free during the court process. Bail bonds remain one of the best forms of pre-trial release.

If a person misses or is late for a court date the court starts a series of steps. First, the Judge will forfeit the bond. This means that the bail bond is now in jeopardy. This forfeiture triggers a notice to the bail agent and the insurance company. These parties start their own processes to ensure the defendant returns to court.
Second, the Judge issues a bench warrant for the failure to appear and informs law enforcement. This warrant may be issued for a different amount than the bail bond posted.

You still have options. The bail agent can reinstate the original bond. Agents can file court documents requesting that the Judge remove the warrant and reinstate the bond. If the Court grants the request a new court date will be issued. This reinstatement process will ensure the defendant stays free and gets a new court date.

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