Are You Required to Make Bail in California

One of the things many people wonder after their arraignment is if they are required to make bail. The short and sweet answer is no.

While most people opt to not make bail for financial reasons, there are some compelling reasons some people choose to remain in jail while they wait for the conclusion of their case. These reasons can include the following:

  • They have nowhere to go.
  • They are worried about their ability to stick to the terms of their bail and feel that remaining in jail is the best way to stay out of trouble.
  • They like the idea that they can use the time they are in jail waiting for the resolution of their case as time served once the judge sentences them.

While we feel that these are valid reasons for deciding not to make bail, we also think that you should know that you have other options. Once you’ve been granted bail, you can contact Statewide Bail Bond and inquire about getting a bail bond through us. We have several decades’ worth of experience.

One of the biggest things we’ve done to make a bail bond possible for everyone, no matter their situation, is to implement a flexible, zero-down, zero-interest payment plan. You won’t believe the lengths we’ll take to make sure you can afford the 10%.

Other things we’ve done to make getting a bail bond easier is making sure we’re available 24/7, offering online approvals, and also offering phone approvals.

Feel free to contact us with questions about a California bail bond. Consultations are free, always handled by a bail bond expert, and available 24/7. You only have to call 877-793-2245 or click Chat With Us now.