Believe It Or Not: The Most Expensive Bail In U.S. History

Believe It Or Not: The Most Expensive Bail In U.S. History

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If you’re curious to learn just how expensive bail can be, check out some of these real cases where bail has been set among some of the most expensive in United States history, as well as being some of the most high-profile and media-covered cases:

  1. O.J. Simpson
  2. O.J. Simpson is most famously known as being found ‘not guilty’ in murdering his wife and her friend in the 1990s. However, when he was arrested in the 2000’s for robbing a hotel casino, his bail was originally set at $125 thousand then it was raised to $250 thousand after he violated his bail terms and conditions. Simpson bailed out using a bail bond, which probably only cost him 10-15% of his bail price.

  3. Bernie Madoff
  4. Accused of fraud and the $50 billion Ponzi scheme, Madoff was granted $10 million bail, but unable to gather 4 bail bond co-signers, his bail conditions were modified to house arrest.

  5. Kening Ma
  6. Ma was held on $100 million bail for selling all-terrain vehicles without a smog certificate.

  7. Michael Milken
  8. Held on $250 million bail for a Wall Street case, Milken only served 2 years of his 10 year prison sentence.

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