Central L.A Bail Bonds Store – Exercise Your Right To Bail

Central L.A Bail Bonds Store – Exercise Your Right To Bail

Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Bail exists to uphold the “innocent until proven guilty” protection. This means that a recently arrested person who has yet to stand in court can go about their regular lives during their days between arrest and court. They can go to work, to school, spend time with family and friends, etc. By posting bail, they do not have to sit in jail for days or even weeks before their court hearing.

Los Angeles Bail Bonds Store would be honored to help you post bail. What we do is post a bail bond on your behalf so you can leave jail. Rather than paying your full bail amount, say, $30,000 in cash in one immediate payment, you pay us 10% of that (so, $3,000) we will take care of the arrest. Plus, you don’t need to pay us in cash! We accept credit cards and collateral as alternative payment options. Whatever works best for you, will work for us. We are easy to work with because that exactly what you need right now – a little bit of ease.

We are a family owned company with 27 years of bail bond experience. We have seen it all – tears, joy, anger, the truly innocent, the truly guilty. Each client who comes to us has a different story to tell. We’re able to help everyone, no matter how crazy their situation is. We have over 100 bail agents working hard to keep clients happy and that’s why we’re the best in California.

To learn more about who we are and what we do, or to begin working with an agent to get your loved one out of jail, please contact us immediately at StateWide-BailBonds.com/ or 877-793-2245.