Common Items Used As Collateral For Bail Bonds

Common Items Used As Collateral For Bail Bonds

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Many bail bonds will require collateral be put up in order to proceed. This collateral is used as security – if the defendant does not show up for court as they are required to, the collateral is taken. Collateral is certainly an incentive for the defendant to go to court if they (or the person who offered the collateral) wants their belongs back.

Bail bond collateral is property or valuables that are worth something pretty nice. Common collateral items include firearms, jewelry and jewels, gold, electronics like game consoles and televisions, and property and vehicles. Please note that any property and vehicles offered for collateral must be ones you own in entirety and are not still making payments on.

Call us at Los Angeles Bail Bonds Store to discuss what items you can put up for the bail bond for your loved one. Remember, offering collateral doesn’t automatically mean you are losing possession of it. It is just as a precaution. That being said, you sure better have a strong relationship with the person this bail bond is for, and trust they will meet the terms of their bail.

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