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About Bail and the Bail Bond Release Process:

The Bail Bond Release Process is fairly standard across the United States with a few exceptions, but typically, you can expect a similar process in nearly every major U.S. city.

When a friend or relative gets arrested, depending on the charge a judge may or may not allow the defendant to be released out on Bail. Sometimes the judge will allow the defendant to be released on their own recognizance, or R.O.R. Bail. In this case, you would not need to post a Bond.

If the judge sets Bail in the amount of $10,000, then someone has to post that entire Bond amount. Most people don’t have an extra $10,000 laying around, so Bail Bond Agencies were created to enable people to have a friend or relative freed from jail without requiring them to post the entire amount of the Bond.

A Bail Bond Agency will typically collect a premium of 10% of the bail amount from the person seeking the Bond. The percentage is usually 10%, sometimes 12% and the percentage required is dictated by law in every city with Bail Bond Agencies. If you’re trying to get a friend or relative out of jail, you will have to pay the percentage the premium requires.

On a $10,000 bond, a 10% premium means you’ll have to come up with $1000. Financing is available at times, and collateral may or not be required as well. After the requirements of the premium can be met, the Bail Agent will take care of everything else, including all necessary paperwork and other services which include trips to the jail and sometimes the courthouse as well.

Every situation is different, but we pride ourselves on our customer service and we will be happy to help make this as easy as possible for you. Please note, however, especially in larger metropolitan areas, detention facilities are often short on staff or resources and this tends to slow down processing in these areas. No matter how quickly we work, we cannot control the unexpected delays that may occur with a defendant’s release. We will be happy to stay with you through the process and will keep you updated on their release status and any other related needs you may have along the way.

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