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Getting arrested can be extremely scary and nerve racking. Whether it’s yourself or someone you know, the result is the same and you can find yourself lost and alone in a matter of seconds. Try to keep these three things in mind should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of being arrested.

The most important thing to do is keep calm. Panic is the enemy of clear thinking and clear thinking will help you make good decisions. Keeping calm will help you stay on the good side of the law enforcement officers who are arresting you, which is very beneficial to you.

Secondly you need to be cooperative. The arresting officers are just doing their job, you can make it easier by listening to them and following orders. Just think of how grateful you are to people who make your job easier, the same is true for law enforcement agents. They will appreciate your cooperation and can be nicer to you for making their job easier.

The third and equally important thing to do is make your one call count. This is more complicated than most think it is. Contrary to popular belief, there is no law that guarantees you a phone call. Your one phone call is a privilege that must be earned. You earn it by being cooperative. If you get your phone call, be sure to call someone who is responsible and capable of handling what follows.

You want to make sure that the person you call either has, or has the capability to gather enough money for your bail. Make sure whoever you call is responsible and can be trusted in this kind of stressful situation.

Santa Ana Bail Bonds

Keep all of these things in mind in case you ever get arrested but hopefully you never need any of this. In the off chance you do, call Santa Ana Bail Bonds Store at 1-877-793-2245 and our bail agents will help you get out of jail as fast as possible.

The vast majority of our bonds are approved with no collateral and perfect credit is not required. Most people don’t have perfect credit so why do most bonding companies require great credit? Co-signers with decent jobs and family members who feel confident that their loved one will make all of their court dates are more important to us. Getting someone out of jail is easy when you have us working for you! We are the #1 bail bonds agency in California.

Call us at (877)793-2245 or TOLL FREE at 1-800-793-2245 and speak with one of our professional, licensed and insured Bail Bonds Store Agents.