Why Help From A Stranger Is More Beneficial

Why Help From A Stranger Is More Beneficial

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Sometimes it’s better to talk to someone who doesn’t know you instead of asking your friend for advice or for help. As much as friends want to help out, they may hold back a little because they don’t want to see you down or hurt you anymore; they may withhold the bitter, harsh truth that they desperately want you to realize but can’t find it in themselves to be the one to tell you.

Try seeing a therapist or psychiatrist to discuss your issues and ways you can resolve them before they get any worse. These professionals are able to maintain a neutral standpoint and can tell you options to take. They are rooting for you to improve but are not too emotionally connected to you – which is a good thing. They will do all they can to help you but they will not hold your hand the entire way. At some point after seeking professional help, you will be able to carry yourself the rest of the way.

Ask around friends, family, and coworkers if they can recommend any excellent doctors as soon as you are ready to. We are all on your side!

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