Celebrities Use Bail Bonds Store Too

Celebrities Use Bail Bonds Store Too

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Believe it or not, even celebrities with millions of dollars will approach a bail bond company like ours to get themselves out of jail. Some of the celebrities who had gotten quite the media attention during their legal battles include Lindsay Lohan ($75,000 bail bond), Nicholas Cage ($11,000 bail bond), and Teresa and Joe Giudice of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” ($500,000 bail bond).

These celebrities surely could have paid their cash bail but they chose to go the bail bond route for reasons we cannot 100% verify and confirm to be true specifically for them. However, these reasons are typically the reasons for most people who seek bail bonds:

  • Cheaper than the full cash bail
  • Less stretching for finances – low monthly payment plans
  • Release before the entire bail bond is paid off

If you need a bail bond for yourself or someone you love, don’t be ashamed to call Los Angeles Bail Bonds Store Store. We promise absolute confidentiality and will work quickly to get the paperwork processed.

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